Monday, January 11, 2010

El Charro Cafe

Hubby and I love to eat at El Charro Cafe up in Oro Valley. They have been featured on the History Channel because they were the originators of the chimichanga! I was happy to find out that they were handing out free calendars on New Years Eve! Lucky me for two reasons ~ first of all I love to get about 6 calendars for my house every January to start the New year off right and second.....I LOVE pinups! I guess this pretty girl isn't exactly a pinup but she's the same retro style I always seem to gravitate towards : )
I joined "project 365" on flickr where you are suppose to take a picture every single day and post a little something about it. This is the pic I used for Day 7 : )


passport in my pocket said...

OH YUM. My husband and I used to live in Tucson.... your blog makes me miss it!

Gigi Minor said...

Oh my gosh you would love the new location! It's up in Oro Valley and it's beautiful inside! Tons of decorative metal lighting and a big mirror with sculpted roses on it and private dining rooms : )
If you ever come back let's have lunch!