Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday!

Hello friends!
Did anyone brave the crowds yesterday for Black Friday? Hubby and I did a little bit but not much. It's hard to get him to shop any day of the year let alone Black Friday! We did however make it to Target and a couple of other stores close by. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be ....then again we went at a normal hour and not at 4:00am like so many of you brave people do! I just can't open my eyes at that hour. Plus there wasn't any one particular item I was feeling the urge to buy since we mostly hand make our gifts and do a lot of baking.
Anyway, I have started decorating for the holidays and wanted to share a couple of pics. For more of my Holiday decor please go to my Pinks & Needles blog!

tacky cupcake decorations in apothecary jars

faux cupcake and candy canes
sneak peek of our tinsel trees


Lucy said...

I did brave the crowds, but like you, a little later than 4:00 am and it wasn't so bad. I did want one thing that was on sale (an ipod touch w/50 gift card) but I was able to get that Thanksgiving morning online while I surfed the net in my comfy jammies! :)

Love your holiday decorations! You have a 'sweet' style!

Gigi Minor said...

HI Miss Lucy! Long time no see! Wow time flies! Glad you webbed it in your jammies! I too seem to spend a lot of time surfing from the comfort of home. You're stoked you got the ipod touch! Awesome!

Madeleine Bild√ły said...

I simply love your design!

Celine Pula said...

All the works are just classical....