Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Love Ribbon ~

Valentinzy Ribbons & Trims, originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red.

I decided to pick my most favorite Red, Pink and Valentine related ribbon and condense them in a basket for Valentine crafting! That way I don't have to shuffle through my stash to find what I'm looking for. Aren't they festive ~ super cute standing at attention : )


Anonymous said...

How funny! I just placed an order with Ribbon Jar...where did you find the ribbon with words?


Buford Betty said...

I'm a fool for ribbon too! That looks good enough to eat. :-)

Gigi Minor said...

Hi girls~

So the ribbon with words came from Packaging Specialties up in Seattle. I worked there a while ago. It's made by Midori (also another Seattle based company)

Seok Liew said...

i love your ribbons so much!!!

cindy said...

Those are just beautiful and yes, I love they way they look, piled in the basket.