Monday, January 28, 2008

Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick

yum yum-westwick, originally uploaded by mimi mojito.

My husband refers to him as "my new boyfriend" to love that when a husband has a great sense of humor about a cute guy on tv!I just had to blog this great shot of Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl)! He's my favorite character out of all the guys on the show. He's like the bad boy who deep down inside wants to be good. Unfortunatley it's rerun time again....but it's fun to watch all the episodes again. What a fun show - very entertaining seeing what's hot on the East Coast...of course this is coming from a West Coastie gal!


Drewzel said...

Hee! Yum yum! In my experience, husbands are happy for us to lust after boys on teevee as it's extremely unlikely that we'll ever get a chance to do anything naughty with them!

jojo said...

OMG, Ed Westwick (Chuck) is the main reason I watch the show. I cant wait to see more of him, but we all get to see him in his new movie SON OF RAMBOW May 2, I cant wait I bet he will be great in the movie.

Muffy said...

He's MY favorite guy too!!! I like Blair the best of the girls. Great show!