Sunday, December 2, 2007

My New Blog!

My New Blog!, originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red.

I'm on a roll today! I have been terrible about keeping up with my blogs so I today was the day to get back on the ball. I finally made the time to dedicate a blog to handmade fancies (especially things made from fabric and recycled items). So I hope you come visit me over there at Pinks and Needles. I promise to be better about blogging ~ it's just the holidays hit hard here at the Minor household and times slipping away from me : )


Anonymous said...

Hi Gigi, what a great name for your new Blog!! We'll pop over and have a look :)Jenn and Jacqui

Gigi Minor said...

Thanks! I blogged evrything I could find in my photos yesterday!!! That took all day~ but it was a nice change from swapping : )

Drewzel said...

Love the new blog! And the name IS super cute :D