Thursday, November 1, 2007

Buh Bye Halloween ~ Welcome Holidays!

To me Halloween is just a teaser for more fun to come! Last night was our neighborhoods' busiest Halloween we've seen! Our first group of kids literally wiped out half of our candy supply! We're used to between 25 ~ 30 kids total! Ah....not this year! We easily doubled that! Our first group was at 6:30 pm and our last Trick or Treater was at 8:30pm on the nose! We had to scrounge up candy I was going to use for garlands at the last minute! We'll be better prepared next year! It was a fun night and it was warm out so maybe that's why more kids were out. The winner for best costume went to our next door neighbor Faith who just started Kindergarten this past Fall ~ she looked absolutly adorable as Mulan! Hands down the cutest we saw! I'm working on her Dad today for a picture to post!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gigi, sounds like you had a fun filled Halloween! We'd love to see the little darling in her costume, fab idea! We love Mulan here! We had three trick or treaters, that was amazing, we have never had any before!! Have a great day! Jenn and Jacqui :)

Gigi Minor said...

Wow! Three!
One of my friends lives in the perfect neighborhood for handing out homemade treats! I wish I could "make" instead of "buy" but I don't think the parents would appreciate it : (
That's great that you had Trick or Treaters! Maybe next year you'll even have more!

cindy said...

We were terrible this year. We did not give out candy or even go out and walk. Sicky, icky, hubby. Poor guy. So we missed seeing the cuties and the house that always deocrates OVER the top. Oh well, maybe next year.

Drewzel said...

Wow, 30 kids!
Love the new blog header Gigi!

Gigi Minor said...

Thanks Steph! No not 30 kids ~ we had about 60! We doubled from last year!! It was busy!!!

Prezzie said...

can people give away sweet on Halloween Day?

Prezzie said...

I just tag you in my blog.

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Gigi Minor said...

Hi Prezzie~
Yes people give away candy on Halloween night. All the kids and sometimes adults dress up in costumes a ring the door bells of neighbors or business' and yell "Trick or Treat"! Then whomever answers the door gives them candy! It's a very popular holiday here : )

Gigi Minor said...

Oh PS Prezzie~
I was already tagged some time back so I don't think I can play again : ( Sorry!