Friday, September 7, 2007

Whoops! I Accidentally Erased My...

"I've Been Tagged!" Blog so here goes Take Two!:
My first time being tagged so basically what that means is I must post 6 Interesting/Weird things about myself and then tag 6 blogs ~ in turn whomever I tag must do the same!

So here goes: Hmmmmm... 6 weird things about me...
1. Probably not that big of a surprise but I'm a Craft-o-Holic! I have to stay busy with my hands or I get very sad :(
2. I'm a stickler for good oral hygeine! No bad breath ~Please!
3. I'm somewhat of a gift wrap snob! I know good quality when I see it or feel it!
4. I can make something look like it's worth a whole lot more than it actually is, Hint: I use really good Gift Wrap!
5. If I could live in my PJ's I would (and for the most part I do)!
6. When people meet me in person they can never guess my age! I'm happily still getting carded!

Blogger Friends I'm Tagging:


Quilting Pirate said...'s where I was tagged awhile back and responded...

Kristin said...

So how old are you???!! Yep, you definitely know how to wrap a gift!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your graphics...the only people who would card me are the blind, horny, or mentally unbalanced!!


Gigi and Big Red said...

I doubut that! Is this Red Star Debbi?
Thanks for the comment!

Gracie said...

Hey there. I was one of your swap-bot partners. And I award you with a gold star =) You blog is very sweet and cute.

Gracie @

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

you wrap gifts beautifully! I love how you do matching cookie tags sometimes! Amazing idea! :-)

Gigi and Big Red said...

Thanks Britt! You're so sweet!Happy Birthday on Sat! Hope you're doing something fun!