Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Think I've Gone Bananas For Blythe!

Ok seriously if you'd have asked me a year ago if I wanted a Blythe doll I probably would've said....."Hmmmm....I think I'll take the money and buy myself a pair of Lucky jeans instead!" But now if you ask me today I absolutely will say "Yes in a heart beat"!!!!! I don't know what it is about these magical little dolls but they bring so much joy and happiness to me personally. It took me a long time to figure out which one to get because there are 1000's to choose from so I spent hours narrowing it down to my all time favorite Milky Way Sugar. She's so gorgeous and perfect! Her long brown hair has a tiny little flip at the ends and her eyes are beautiful no matter which setting I put them on. My favorite is the light blue that looks off to the side- so much personality! I've enjoyed sewing her different dresses and putting her in poses! She's the perfect model ; ) So here she is Tisley Sue! I'm hoping to get a few more very soon. The Rosie Red Encore & Cousin Olivia are next on the list!

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