Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Sewed my First Apron!

Yes, this was a big undertaking for me because I've never done a ruffle! Of course I needed a little encouragement from my friend and fellow swapper K. Baxter! She's moving to Texas today :(
She's an awesome seamstress!
Drive safe there lil' lady!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Wow, your site is really pretty, amd I admire your crafting skills. I need to make an apron as well, but I too am afraid of the ruffles! My husband and I moved back to Grass Valley after I graduated, so if your ever in the area let me know! I have yet to make it out to AZ to see my friend... I really like the water color wedding pic, who did that? Anyway, take care and have fun blogging! :-) Brandi

Gigi and Big Red said...

Hi! Long time no see!
How's life in GV/NC?
I hope all is well. We really need to catch up! Hopefully before Christmas gets here!


Kristin said... name is on your blog! lol You did a great job on your ruffle. Too stinkin' cute!

Gigi and Big Red said...

You were my inspiration! I'm going to ruffle the heck out of everything, now that I know how to do it!